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JW ProLine®-XE-Power-Direct-Vent
Tankless Water Heater
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Upgrade your home's heating system with our high-quality furnace installation services. We work with leading manufacturers to provide unbeatable prices.

Need boiler services in Ottawa? Our experts can help with repairs, replacements, and maintenance for both residential and commercial systems. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Get a 22 or 30-point inspection for single appliances or whole systems with our Preventative Maintenance Check. Schedule your appointment now to ensure efficient appliance performance and prevent future breakdowns.

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hot water systems

Replacing  or upgrading your hot water tank offers several benefits. Newer models are up to 30% more efficient than older models, helping to reduce your energy bills.

A quality hot water tank is designed to last for up to 15 years, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacement for many years to come. An upgraded hot water tank also offers greater hot water capacity, giving you the reliability you need to meet all your hot water needs. 

Upgrading to a tankless hot water system is an excellent choice for any homeowner. It offers numerous benefits including energy savings, endless hot water, space savings, and improved water pressure.

You'll never run out of hot water again since the system provides hot water on an as-needed basis, eliminating the need to heat a large tank of water continuously. This saves on energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint.


This is especially beneficial for larger households with multiple bathrooms. A tankless hot water system also takes up much less space than a conventional tank system, freeing up valuable storage space. Finally, you'll enjoy improved water pressure due to the increased flow rate of a tankless system.


Enjoy all these benefits with the reliable and efficient performance of a tankless hot water system.

“I was very impressed with Kurt, Serge and the rest of the staff. They're very knowledgeable which impressed me.”

Jennifer Mills, Nepean
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