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Buy a furnace and heat pump and and get 50% off a new hot water tank.*

            High Efficiency Furnace
            Free Air Conditioner*
            Beat the Rush!

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Get a New Combo + Hot Water Heater

Want to Lower Heating Costs this Winter?

Installing a heat pump through the Greener Homes Rebate will  save you thousands off the cost of heating and cooling your home.


Instead of replacing your air conditioner, with another air conditioner, go with a heat pump and enjoy a quieter, more fuel and cost-efficient option you can get today and enjoy for years to come.

Our system bundles help you get the most out of your new HVAC system.  You get…

  • Choice of a new 2-stage gas or modulating furnace (Trane or York) with variable speed motor

      (Up to 100,000 BTUs)*

  • A matching variable capacity heat pump or single -stage air conditioner

  • Plus! A Smart thermostat to maximize your savings; and media filter


Request your FREE QUOTE today!

Our products are backed by manufacturers 10 year warranty.

Our qualified technicians ensure prompt service and installations that are done right the first time!


from just $10/month


*   Financing options by SNAP

Until 2023*

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