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5" Media Air Filters

  • Superior air flow over 1" filters

  • Choice of MERV11 -16 (HEPA)

  • Filters particles down to 0.3 - 1.0 75 microns or greater

  • Only requires changing once per 6 months or longer as necessary.

  • Start at $40 per filter

  • Non-washable filters


Air Purifiers

  • Can help control the spread of bacteria and viruses

  • Ideal upgrade for asthma sufferers

  • Neutralizes smells (cooking)

  • High up front cost from >$600 to install

  • Some purifiers produce ozone

Tips for Buying an AC

Tips for Buying an AC

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  • Aids to control bacteria and viruses

  • Helps protect wood in the house

  • Improves breathing in the winter

  • Helps lower heating costs

  • Bypass humidifiers don't operate will with multi-stage furnaces

  • Can lead to mold issues if not correctly installed or serviced



  • Ideal solution in houses with consistent high humidity

  • Ideal for minimizing the chance mold and bacteria developing due to constant dampness in the house.

  • Helps to get rid of that "musty" smell in a house.

  • High purchase cost