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Protecting our community and COVID-19

We are doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees and our community.


Nothing is more important to us.


We have taken steps to help prevent our employees’ exposure and are doing our part in helping prevent the spread of the virus including:


Starting with a pre-site verification questionnaire.

Before entering your home or business, we will contact you to verify site safety.  This includes confirming that no one on the premises has recently travelled, is in quarantine or is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms.

Where the risk of COVID-19 is present, we will not enter the premise and will work to provide alternate solutions.

Minimizing contact points
Disinfecting tools and equipment after each site visit according with Health Canada approved disinfecting products. 

Using enhanced personal protective equipment. 
Ensuring our team is equipped with KN95 face masks, gloves and eye protection.

Reducing the time spent in your home by almost 90%.

With the use of video conference software, and AirToday’s proprietary software our Comfort Advisers can provide alternative ways for completing your heating and cooling assessment to the highest standards.


When a home visit is required, there are two home assessment options now available:

  1. Minimum contact home visit: The face-to-face interaction time for this type of home visit is reduced to 15 -20 minute consultation with the homeowner and will focus exclusively around documenting installation requirements. Typically we will have had prior discussions around any comfort concerns, such as uneven temperatures or noisy equipment. 

  2. In-depth home visit: The face-to-face interaction time for this type of home visit is reduced to 30-45 minutes where our advisers will conduct an in-depth assessment of venting, electrical, gas, ductwork, drains, and sizing requirements, with the homeowner, during which time the required 6ft physical distancing must be maintained.

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